Car wash


Al Risparmio – Car wash in Verona

Technologically advanced systems and trained personnel to take detailed care of your vehicles

All Al Risparmio and APSA locations include car washes, some of which can also serve trucks and buses.

Al Risparmio car wash

At Al Risparmio, you can get your cars and trucks cleaned quickly and accurately, because we constantly check and maintain our rollers and brushes and use soaps and waxes that are suited for every type of body work.

Our staff is on hand to take good care of your vehicle with or without an appointment. You can drop off your car, go about your business, and come back later to pick up your vehicle once it is sparklingly clean both inside and out.


Our staff is trained and specialized in various levels of car detailing to ensure that your vehicle is always protected and comes back to you as clean as it can be.

Our highest level of car detailing takes your vehicle back as close as possible — or maybe even better — to how it was right after you drove it off the car dealership lot. With this level of detailing, we carefully clean your rims, the inside of your vehicle, and even under the hood.

Truck wash

Truck wash in Verona, including for buses and large RVs.

Al Risparmio service stations include truck wash systems for all types of large vehicles and side mirrors.

A clean truck significantly enhances the image your business conveys to the world. Find our truck wash systems at the service stations in San Martino Buon Albergo (trucks) and San Giovanni Lupatoto (vans).

Al Risparmio Service Stations

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