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APSA – Our story

Affordable fuel service in Verona, Italy, for over 50 years

In December 1934, Angelo Baldo founded APSA, a transport business that was quick to become a favorite among paper mills in northeastern Italy.
Towards the end of the 1940s, the company began exploring new types of goods and new means of transport and would go on to specialize in the transport of petroleum products.
As a result of this decisive move, APSA began distributing a range of petroleum products in 1957, with a particular emphasis on the agricultural industry.

From distribution to service stations

In the early 1960s, the sons of Angelo, Galliano and Remigio Baldo, took the reins of APSA and fine-tuned the company’s core business, transforming it into the direct operation of fuel service stations in the Verona area.

The first service station was opened in Verona’s Corso Milano, which was then followed by two more locations in the city of Verona, at Porta Nuova and Via Torbido, as well as service stations in the towns of San Martino Buon Albergo and San Giovanni Lupatoto. At first, these service stations were all under the Shell brand before shifting to Agip in the 1970s and then back to Shell in the 1980s.

The creation and rise of
Al Risparmio

In 2012, under the leadership of Nicola Baldo, the company’s current managing director, the Al Risparmio brand was born with the mission of providing customers with the same quality at a more affordable price. Al Risparmio service stations were quick to become an important point of reference in the unbranded fuel space in the province of Verona on the strength of our service quality, the strategic positioning of our locations, and our focus on price. At Al Risparmio, we get our fuels directly from the same refineries in Porto Marghera (Venice) and Mantua as the major brands like Shell and Eni.

APSA – Wine & Coffee

A high-quality break

In 2008, the Baldo family entered the food-service industry with the project Wine & Coffee, a restaurant designed to provide guests with the best service for breakfast, lunch, or a late-afternoon drink.

Wine & Coffee is located in Corso Milano as a service alongside the Al Risparmio service station, as well as in Via Frà Giocondo, Verona, as a standalone restaurant.

Commitment, values and the future

The Baldo family has guided the business for generations with their strong moral values and total dedication to the job and to constantly improving their service over time.

Safety in the workplace, transparency, punctuality and clarity with customers and suppliers, constant quality control of products and services, and ongoing technological development are just a few of the cornerstones of the commitment of the entire team led by the Baldo family.

Constant growth

In numbers

• 4 Al Risparmio service stations
• 1 service station under another brand
• 2 Wine & Coffee restaurants
• more than 30 employees

Interview with Nicola Baldo

Protagonisti presents Elisabetta Gallina’s exclusive interview of Nicola Baldo, CEO of APSA and renowned member of the Verona business community.

Al Risparmio Service Stations

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